Mercedes-Benz A-Service

The reasons why we do an A-Service:

Keeping your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in top condition and maintained according to factory requirements involves more than a lube,oil and filter change. At this maintenance interval a trained specialist inspects the air filter, which protects your engine from harmful foreign particles. As gasoline and air is used in your engine, it passes through a filter and series of injectors, with all of these components becoming dirty and clogged, causing poor performance and decreased fuel economy. We also recommend replacing the dust filter, which removes harmful contaminants from entering the interior of your vehicle. Next, we inspect your fuel lines and connectors for any damage or wear and check your fuel tank vapor vent system, hoses and fuel tank vapor vent system, hoses and fuel tank supports. Exhaust pipes, mufflers and hangers are inspected for cracks, deterioration or damage. Additionally, your brake lines and hoses need to be checked for cracks or damage, and your tires checked for uneven wear. These are all preventative checks designed to keep your Mercedes-Benz on the road and trouble-free.

Below is some of the items covered with an A-service

This is the A (minor) service short list.

Inspect and record tire tread depth. Advise if tire rotation is needed.

Engine oil and filter change. Including synthetic oil and long life filter. Inspect and record fluid levels and loss.

Lubrication of hood hinges, lock cylinders, sun roof tracks and top off fluid levels.

Cooling system inspection including antifreeze protection level, condition of hoses and clamps.

General brake inspection including checking and recording brake pad and rotor/disc thickness. Reporting on condition of brake fluid, lines and hoses.

Inspecting the heating, dust ventilation and air filter. Replacing as needed.* **

This A (minor) maintenance also includes the following function checks; interior and exterior lights, seat belts, windshield washer system and interior features. i.e. windows, seat heaters, etc..

Inspect and lubricate throttle linkage were applicable.

Service vehicle system battery.

Reset Flexible service indicator.

Road Test

Detailed report with technician’s signature upon request.

* Additional charges vary depending on model

** May differ from factory recommendations