Here is the B-Service (major) short list:

Here is some of the items addressed at this service interval.

Replace windshield wiper blade/insert(s). Service windshield washer system

Inspect and rotate tires, record tread depth and correct tire pressure. (Wheel balance and tire pressure monitoring additional.)

Engine oil and filter replacement includes synthetic oil and long life filter.

Lubrication service including where applicable, hood hinges, lock cylinders, sun roof tracks and adjust fluid levels. Record fluid leaks.

Brake inspection including record of pad and disc/rotor thickness. Check condition of pads and discs, fluids, lines and hoses.

Inspect dust and air filter. Replace as necessary *

Function check warning lamps, interior and exterior lights, seat belts, windshield cleaning system, and interior features. i.e. seat heater, auto dimming mirror, etc...

Inspect front and rear suspension, steering play and rear differential level.

Inspect drive belt, starting and charging system. Service vehicle system battery.

Perform computer scan with SDS.

Reset FSS indicator.

Road test: Record defects in performance/operation, ride, vibration, operating temperature, climate control operation, etc.

Detailed report with technician’s signature upon request.

* Additional charges apply


During the B Service, a Mercedes-Benz specialist closely examines your vehicle's engine components, using specialized equipment to be sure that all the mechanical, electronic and computer devices are working properly. At this time, we also need to address your vehicle's heating and cooling system. Over time, your engine coolant becomes contaminated, losing its ability to protect your engine from freezing in cold weather conditions and overheating in hot conditions. Very expensive repairs could result from lack of this required maintenance. We inspect your fuel lines and connectors for any damage or wear, and we check your fuel tank vapor system and fuel tank supports.

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